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Monthly Favorites


I have fallen in love with the Soft and Beautiful hair mask because it not only leaves my hair feeling soft and looking beautiful, it is infused with some of the only oils that penetrate the shaft of the hair : coconut Oil, argon oil, and olive oil. It is also water based so it definitely moisturizes my hair right away.  Not to mention it smells amazing!

    Not too long ago my cousin put me on to this amazing detangling shampoo by Design Essentials that I just cannot go without now. It makes my hair soooo easy to wash I wish that I could buy it by the gallon. 

   I usually do not wash my hair in sections but I recently came to the realization that doing so may result in less breakage and more length, So Ive decided to put my detangling brush to use with my avocado shampoo that I just mentioned and the results are so pleasing. Washing my hair has never been so easy. 

    Of course I use my Hair Growth Potion and Rose Hair Growth Spray on a daily basis because I have a goal of growing my hair just below my waist by summer 2019 ;) I love the way the hair potion feels on my scalp, it tingles and relieves and itching or dryness right away with out smelling over powering. I have been wearing my hair in braids without weave lately to reap the optimal benefits of my hair potion and spray and re-braiding my hair with the hair mask after my washes on a weakly basis.  

FInally I have discovered that this curling jelly from design essentials works wonders on my edges and works heavenly with my braids to keep them looking fresh.

A new product the I wish to try in the month of July is Skimdo which one of my most favorite natural hair enthusiast Nia The Light (Pictured to the right) uses and promotes. I have been eyeing this product for a while now and I have also noticed that my favorite Artist Lianne la havas uses this on her curls so I must give it a try !

Change Your Hair Change Your Life

Welcome to my Oils & Potions Online Shoppe !

The skin and the hair are one and to improve them takes of research, focus, and discipline believe it or not. Although I am here to help you through portion of your hair and skin care journey, you are going to need a few appliances and products that I do not offer in my shoppe right now. Such as; satin pillow cases, bonnets, hair steamers, facial steamers, ect. This is why I have partnered with Amazon to provide you with  a wide variety of hair care tools and products to meet all of your needs. Please click the link below to  take a peek.

Soft Sugar Lips

Shea Butter Lip Balm

Skin That Glows

Moon Goddess Body Creme